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This is the main page of wiki related information within the cc65 wiki. If you want to read more about cc65, please see the cc65 main page.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a piece of software that allows online content editing by multiple users. For an introduction into the idea behind wikis, see Ward Cunninghams wiki, which started it all.

Getting involved

If you want to make changes, you need an account. Please email me at for a user account that allows editing.

Once you have an account, log in. On every page, you will find a button labeled “Edit this page”. Just click it and start making your changes.

If you need some practice, just go to the playground. You can also generate subpages there.

Wiki syntax and namespaces

The cc65 wiki uses DokuWiki as its underlying software. The formatting syntax is explained in this document. Namespaces are currently used for two purposes: cc65 related pages are in the :cc65 namespace, while wiki related pages are in the :wiki namespace.

To avoid namespace problems please do first create a link to a new page in an existing page, then follow this link and click “Create page”. This way, you will automagically create the page in the correct namespace.

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