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What is cc65?

cc65 is a complete package, which includes

  • a C compiler for machines with a 6502 compatible CPU,
  • a powerful macro assembler,
  • linker, librarian and several other tools,
  • target libraries that support common 6502 platform like the Commodore C64, the Atari 8-bit machines, the Apple II and others,
  • documentation and more.

Downloading and installing

According to the author and maintainer: “with one exception in the compiler (access()) the code is plain ISO C, so it should compile on most systems. Memory usage may be a problem, however.”

cc65 can surely be compiled and run on the following platforms, for which GNU Compiler Collection - GCC is available.

Target platforms

Setting up cc65 project

Tips and tricks

Frequently asked questions

Library internals

Compiler internals

Debug information


Who is who

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