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 | lynx-160-102-16.tgi | ✓ |   |   | | lynx-160-102-16.tgi | ✓ |   |   |
-====== TGI bitmap fonts (draft) ====== +====== TGI bitmap fonts ====== 
-  - The coordinate used for text output becomes the bottom left corner of the first character+  - Starting coordinates stay as they are: Lower left corner (not baseline)
-  - The bottom left corner refers to the bounding box of the characters, __not__ the baseline of the characters. So all drawing happens above and to the right of the coordinate used+  - Drawing is done transparently (meaning non-glyph "background" pixels are left as they are)
-  - Vertical direction means the text runs upwardsThe coordinate used still refers to the same point relative to the first characterSo all drawing happens above and to the __left__ of the coordinate used+  - A driver states via a new bit in the header if it supports 8.8 fixed point scaling (or only integer scaling). 
-  - The TGI cursor is advanced by the TGI kernel beyond the last character in way that subsequent text output would result in continuous text drawn. +  - Based on that bit (and the already existing integer x and y size values) the TGI kernel does clipping on character granularity
 +  - The parameters to the OUTTEXT driver entry point are changed from C string to kind of Pascal string in order to facilitate copy-free clipping for TGI kernel.
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