Priority of constructors and destructors

For constructors, destructors and interruptors, the linker generates a table of addresses sorted by increasing numeric value of the priorities (if not otherwise specified by the ORDER attribute in the linker config file). The library routines that process these tables work from rear to front. This means that routines with a higher numeric priority value are called first.


priority function platform
30 initcurunit cbm
26 detect atari
25 initdostype apple2
25 initmainargs atari
25 initstkchk runtime
24 __getdefdev atari
24 initheap common
24 initmainargs apple2, atmos, c16, c128, c64, cbm510, cbm610, geos, lynx, nes, pet, plus4, vic20
11 initreboot apple2
10 irq_init runtime
7 cwd_init common
7 env_init common
7 init_clock lynx
7 init_pointer geos
7 initcgetc atmos, c128
7 initconio apple2, nes
7 initiobuf apple2
7 initkbd c16, plus4
7 initostype apple2
7 initprompt apple2
7 initscrsize geos
7 initstdin cbm
7 initstdout cbm
7 initsystime c128, c64
7 raisefilelevel apple2


priority function platform
17 doatexit common
10 irq_done runtime
7 _reset_brk apple2, atari, c16, c128, c64, pet, vic20
7 donecgetc c128
7 donekbd c16, plus4
7 setsyscursor cbm610
5 closeallfiles apple2, atari, cbm
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