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 +==== Moving the stack ====
 +The stack isn't put in a segment; it's put into a separate memory area.
 +That area isn't named; it's implied by two expressions.  The first one
 +is in the ld65 configuration file.  For example, "c64.cfg" has
 +"size = $C7F3 - __STACKSIZE__".  The second one is in the start-up code.
 +For example, "c64/crt0.s" has "(__RAM_START__ + __RAM_SIZE__ + __STACKSIZE__)".
 +If it were named explicitly (it //should// be!),
 +then they would look like this:
 +HEADER: file=%O, define=yes, start=$0801, size=$000C;
 +STACK: file="", define=yes, start=$d000-__STACKSIZE__, size=__STACKSIZE__;
 +RAM: file=%O, define=yes, start=__HEADER_LAST__, size=__STACK_START__-__RAM_START__;
 +And, sp would be set to "(__STACK_START__ + __STACK_SIZE__)".
 +If you do want to put your stack into a segment, then you simply
 +assemble a big buffer, put a label at the end of it, and store that
 +label in sp.
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