Mail problems

My mail to the mailing list doesn't seem to get through. What happens?

Mail to the list has to adhere to a few rules. It must not be larger than 40KB and must not contain too much quoted material. These rules are sent to every new member in the welcome mail.

Unfortunately, the mailing list manager won't notify you if these rules are violated, it just drops the mail. So if your mails don't get through, please check them. Some people never had problems, some others have throughput rates less than 50% - usually because of quoted material. Especially Outlook users seem to be prone to this behaviour. Since you get your own mails back from the list, detecting problems is easy. If you're sure that above rules aren't the problem, see below.

My mail to you/the mailing list bounces. What is wrong?

Due to huge amounts of spam, the musoftware mail server will filter incoming mail and reject mail from some sources. Incoming mail from several countries is rejected, Korea and China being some. I'm very sorry about that, but as long as machines in these countries are responsible for a real huge load of spam, and there is absolutely no abuse management, I see no alternative. If you want to circumvent the spam block, you may use a mail forwarder in another country.

In addition to that, direct mail from dialup/dsl/cable ranges is rejected (note: mail is rejected if it comes directly from these IP ranges - mail sent via the mail server of the ISP is ok). The reason is that - especially in the U.S. - these internet connections are abused in too many cases. If the bounce says something like Mail from dialup/cable rejected all you have to do is to use the mail server of your ISP instead of sending the mail directly to the musoftware mail server.

I don't get any error messages but my mail doesn't seem to get through - at least I don't get any replies.

Several U.S. american ISPs do not accept mail from the musoftware mail server for reasons unknown to me. Since all my attempts to resolve the issue have failed (often because I could not reach anyone by email - see above), I've blocked incoming mail from these domains, so people will get an error message instead of waiting for a response that will never come. The following ISPs are currently known to block mail:

  • (2004-03)
  • (2004-02)
  • (2003-10)

Possible workarounds:

  1. Talk to your provider. You are the one paying money. If they don't listen to you, they will listen to no one else. Please note that it is not enough to forward me mails from from your ISP! They will have to contact me themselves and state explicitly that their block is no longer in effect.
  2. Use another ISP. Blocking customers mail and not responding to complaints is not what I would call a responsible policy.
  3. Forward your mail via some other mail system.
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