File Deconversion

Using cc65 together with an emulator gives in general excellent turnaround times. But when it comes to GEOS development the manual deconversion of the CONVERT file generated by cc65 into a GEOS file quickly becomes very cumbersome. Therefore it is desirable to replace the explicit deconversion done using CONVERT 2.5 (for GEOS 64/128) or CONVERT.SYSTEM (for Apple GEOS) with an implicit deconversion done by the tool used to write the CONVERT file to the disk image.

GEOS 64/128

The VICE c1541 tool has a geoswrite command that is supposed to do the trick, but at least for me the one from just crashes when I try that command. In contrast The Star Commander works fine for me but is a little complicated to use as command line tool. In order to write i.e. the file test.cvt to the disk image geos.d64 you need a text file containing:

set ConfConvFileName False
set AutoOver All
copy test.cvt Disk:geos.d64\test

Then you can use this command:

sc.exe /cmd @sc.txt

Apple GEOS

By the time of this writing (10/2012) CONVERT file deconversion hasn't made it into the Stable Release of AppleCommander. However the latest Interim Release Candidate contains it. In order to write i.e. the file test.cvt to the disk image geos.dsk you can use this command:

java -jar ac.jar -geos geos.dsk < test.cvt


GEOS requires a 6502 compatible CPU (e.g. 6510 or 8510). For binary compatibility you will need RAM at $c100-$c2ff.

GEOS 64/128, GEOS Plus/4

  • APP_RAM $04xx-$5xxx
  • PRINTBASE $60xx
  • OS_VARS $8xxx
  • DISK_BASE $9xxx
  • SCREEN_BASE $axxx-$bxxx
  • OS_JUMPTAB $c1xx-$c2xx
  • disk block size $100

Info by Maciej Witkowiak

Apple GEOS

  • APP_RAM $4xxx-
  • PRINTBASE $79xx
  • OS_JUMPTAB $fexx-$ffxx, $03xx
  • disk block size $200

Info by Stefan Haubenthal

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