Applications written in assembler with ca65


CFFA is a CompactFlash Interface for Apple II. The reference manual contains in appendix 1 the firmware listing.


G-Pascal is a Pascal compiler of 1983, call SYS 32768. (184 KB source included)


IP65 is a TCP/IP stack for 6502 based computers.

Krill's Loader

Krill's Loader is an advanced IRQ fastloader for the C64 supporting many different drives.


“seitensprung” is an ASCII/Windows-1252 text viewer with proportional font support for Atari 8-bit computers.


SID Vicious

SID Vicious is a SID emulator for the VIC-20 by Aleksi Eeben. Output pulse wave, triangle, sawtooth, noise with ADSR envelopes at 6.1 kHz. (source included)


VM02 is a Java compatible environment for the Apple II series of computers. Most basic features of a Java VM are implemented to allow direct execution of standard Java class files on a 64K, 8 bit, 1 MHz Apple II computer. (source included)

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